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The Creighton Model (CrMS) FertilityCare  System is not the calendar or rhythm method as these techniques are ineffective in avoiding or achieving pregnancy. The Creighton Model FertilityCare  System and NaProTechnology is based upon extensive scientific research and involves external observations of the women's cervical mucus that determines when the couple is fertile or infertile. Perfect use of this method is 99.5% effective in avoiding pregnancy and typical use is 96.8% effective in achieving pregnancy in couples of normal fertility.  For couples experiencing infertility, the scientific research shows a 30%-35% effectiveness in using the fertility focused days in the CrMS ​chart however coupled with the medical and surgical applications of NaProTechnology the effectiveness is 60%-80% effective in achieving pregnancy in couples with infertility.

Introductory Session

How do you get started in the learning process?

You would start by attending an Introductory Session which is an hour long power point presentation that can be conducted in a group setting or individually. If you decide to pursue the method then materials (user manual, chart stamps, folder) would be distributed. If interested, please contact the Center to schedule an Intro session.


Is there anything more involved in learning the system?

Yes, it is important to attend the follow-ups and the first one is scheduled 2 weeks following the Introductory session. There are 8 follow-up in a year. It is very important in the learning process that follow-ups be attended as scheduled. You will achieve greater confidence and the effectiveness of the method can be greatly achieved.

Fee Structure

Is there a fee?  Yes, there is a cost to pay for the materials and attending the Introductory Session and the follow-up visits. We do not bill the insurance co. directly but do provide a statement with CPT codes that you can submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

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